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Islamic Modes of Finance

Board of Directors

Bs. Business Administration - 1964, London University , United Kingdom
Present Position:

Chairman of Al Baraka Islamic Bank - Bahrain


  • Al Zayani Investment WLL 
  • Zayani Motors WLL 
  • Euro Motors WLL 
  • First Motors WLL 
  • Intersteel WLL 
  • Midal Cables Ltd.
  • Metalform WLL
  • Aluwheel WLL
  • Gulf Closures WLL
  • Zayanni Properties WLL
  • Zayani Hotel Corprotion
  • Zayani Leasing WLL

Other Business & Government Activities:

  • Founding Member President 
  • American Chamber of Commerce in Bahrain (AmCham)
  • Founder with Arab-British Chamber of Commerce Bahrain British Business Council
  • Board Member U.S.-Bahrain Business Council 
  • Board Member International Chamber of Commerce , Bahrain national Committee
  • Board Member American Bahraini Friendship Society 
  • Board Member Bahraini Moroccan Business Council
  • Board Member Bahrain India Society
  • President Bahrain Technology Transfer Society
  • Member Bahrain British Business Forum

Adnan Ahmed Yousif
Vice Chairman, Al Baraka Islamic Bank, Bahrain

Mr. Adnan Ahmed Yousif is a highly regarded senior banker with over 38 years of international banking experience. He holds a Master of Business Administration degree from University of Hull, UK. He was earlier with Arab Banking Corporation, for over 20 years and last served as Director on its Board.

As President & Chief Executive, Mr. Yousif has lead Al Baraka Banking Group (ABG) since inception, developing the Group into one of the largest and most diversified Islamic banking groups in the world. He is also the Chairman of Al Baraka Turk Participation Bank, Banque Al Baraka D'Algerie, Al Baraka Bank Ltd. South Africa,       Al Baraka Bank Lebanon, Jordan Islamic Bank, Al Baraka Bank Egypt, Al Baraka Bank Syria, Al Baraka Bank Sudan, Al Baraka Bank Pakistan Ltd., Vice Chairman of Al Baraka Islamic Bank, Bahrain and a Board member of Al Baraka Bank Tunisia.

Mr. Yousif was the Chairman of the Union of Arab Banks, Lebanon for two terms (2007-2013). Besides having received many international awards including twice the Islamic Banker of the Year award (2004 and 2009), he is the recipient of the Medal of Efficiency, a unique honor conferred by His Royal Highness - King Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa, the King of the Kingdom of Bahrain during the year 2011.

Mr. Adnan Ahmed Yousif was honored with the Tatweej Award for Excellence in leadership and institutional performance in the category  Wise Leadership in the field of Arab banking for 2012  granted by the Arab Administrative Development Organization - an organization affiliated to the Arab League - in cooperation with the Tatweej Academy. In addition, he was awarded by LARIBA American Finance House the 2012   LARIBA Award for Excellence in Achievement  ,  in recognition of his leadership role in consolidating and operating the largest diversified Islamic Banking Group in the world.


    Diplomas in Insurance. Specialized in conventional insurance, Takaful (Islamic insurance), islamic banking and Islamic economy. Advisor on insurance and Islamic banking and strategic economic marketing and management.  Attended a number of insurance and investment courses in London Market, German Market, Swiss Market and Scandinavian Market. Former Chief Executive Officer of Bahrain Islamic Bank.

    One of the pioneers in Islamic economy, Islamic banking and Islamic insurance. Authored a number of books on the above subjects and has over 60 researchers and papers presented on many occasions in seminars, universities etc..

    Promoted the idea of Islamic banking and islamic insurance and reinsurance in Bahrain and was behind establishing many banks, financial institutions, insurance and reinsurance companies in Bahrain and outside Bahrain.

    Got practical experience stands over 40 years in the banking and insurance and reinsurance fields.

    Board Member of the following institutions:

    • Founder and managing director and CEO of Bahrain Islamic Bank for 23 years.
    • Board member of Bangladesh Islamic Bank – Dakhha
    • Founder and Deputy Chairman of Bahrain Islamic Investment Co. then Chairman of the company after changing the name to Khaleej Finance and Investment Co.
    • Founder member and Board member and member of executive committee of AlBaraka Islamic Bank
    • Founding member and board member and member of executive committee of Arab Islamic Bank
    • Founding member and board member and member of technical committee of Islamic insurance re-insurance co.
    • Founding member and chairman of Bahrain Islamic Insurance Co. (later name change to Takaful International)
    • Board member of Paper Art Co.
    • Board member of Dubai Islamic Bank
    • Deputy Chairman of Islamic Trading Co.
    • Board member and member of audit committee of Arab Banking Corporation (Islamic Unit)
    • Board member and member of executive investment committee and member of executive management committee of Gulf Finance House
    • Board member of Arab Insurance Union
    • Member of Zakat International Association
    • Founder and board member of Health and Safety Society.
    • Accredited Arbitrator member in GCC Commercial Arbitration Center
    • Board member and member of executive committee of the General Council for Islamic Banks and financial institutions.
    • Board member of Awqaf
    • Shoora council member
    • Member of Chamber of Commerce Economical and Financial Committee
    • Board member of Islamic School – Dubai
    • Board member of Banking, Trade and magazine
    • Board member of Bahrain Institution for Banking and Finance
    • Member of Committee for financial sector promotion (formed by Bahrain Monetary Agency)
    • Member of financial committee of General Union of Arab Insurance
    • Member of Consultative Committee of Bahrain
    • Bahrain Center for Studies and Researches.  

    Holds a Master degree in Business Administration (MBA) from USA. Worked in conventional banks from 5 /1961 until 5 /1980. He then joined Jordan Islamic Bank on June 1, 1980 till now. He is currently the General Manager and the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors in addition to being a board member of many Islamic banks.
     Mr. Shehadeh is currently a member of the Board of Directors of the General Council for Islamic Banks, a Board Member of the Jordanian Businessmen Association and Chairman and Board Member of several public and private companies in various sectors (industrial, educational, investment and insurance sector). He was also a Board Member of the Association of Banks in Jordan since 1983 and has been the association’s Vice-President  for the period 1997 to 2005.
    A member of several investment, social, humanitarian and international organizations and committees. Participates and lectures in several seminars  related to the banking sector and the Islamic financial institutions regionally and internationally. Former member of the Accounting and Auditing Standards Board  for Islamic Financial Institutions and the Chairman of the Accounting Committee (1990 to 2002). A member of the Board of Trustees of the Arab Thought Forum, Advisory Board Member of the International union of Arab Bankers. Honor- permanent member of the society of friends of Jordan Eye Bank and the prevention of blindness.

    Professional Diploma in Advance Bank Credit Bachelor Degree in Commerce, Ein Shams University

    Present Position:

    Managing Director of Al Baraka Bank - Egypt

    Other Posts and Membership:

    • Audit Committee member of Al Tawfeeq Co. for Investment Funds Ltd
    • Audit Committee member of Al Amin Bank
    • Vice Chairman & Cheif Executive Officer Al Baraka Bank Egypt - Egypt
    • Chairman of Egyptian Saudi Finance Company for Investment and Real Estates - Egypt
    • Board member of Egyptian Saudi Insurance House - Egypt
    • Board member of Egyptian Company for Building and Administrating Commercialism Centers - Egypt
    • Board member of Leasing Company - Saudi Arabia
    • Member of the Federation of Egyptian Banks (FEB) - Egypt
    • Member of the Egyptian Saudi Business Council - Saudi Arabia  


    • Board member of Al Tawfeeq Co. for Investment Funds Ltd.
    • Board member of Al Amin Bank

    B.Sc. in Mathematics and Computer Science ( 18/12/1983 ) Gonzaga University - Spokane - Washington state 99258     United State of Amirca.

    Present Position:

    Federal National Council, United Arab Emirates   13/01/2007 till now Member.

    Additional Professional Activities:

    Dubai Islamic Bank

    • Executive Committee member
    • Member of the Management Committee Dubai Islamic Bank representative at meetings of local and regional (member of the Governing Council - Bahrain Islamic Bank, an executive board member - International Bank of Bosnia).
    • Member of the Committee of marketing.
    • Chairman of the Committee on loan Hassan.

    National Bank of Umm Al Quwain

    • Member of the Committee of Marketing
    • Member of the Committee on Computer
    • Member of the Committee of assets and liabilities (responsible for asset management and credit policy development and investment) 
    • Delegate National Bank of Umm Al Quwain in seminars and meetings - a member of the Committee on Human Resources Development - the banking sector - the United Arab Emirates .  

    B. Sc in Business in Cairo University may 1977  

    Present Position:

    • Managing Partner - Partner 50% Shares of Arab Exchange co.
    • Qatar 1977 till now  

    Past Position:

    • General Manager Qatar Industrial Dev. Bank 1997 - 2001 
    • General Manager Doha Bank LTD 1979 – 1997 

     Master of Business Administration Degree (MBA) from University of Hull, United Kingdom, around 37 year in Banking Industry.

    Present Position: 
    - Board Director and Executive Committee Member.
    TAIB Bank (Aug 2001- till present)

    Past Position:
    - General Manager in National Bank of Bahrain (1977 – 2010) 

    Dr. Khalid is currently the Chief Executive Officer and Board Member of Family Bank.
    Dr. Khalid has over 30 years experience in banking, finance, auditing and accounting. prior to join Family Bank, he was the Deputy CEO of Venture Capital Bank for seven years. Before that he  was Executive Director of Banking Supervision at the Central Bank of Bahrain for thirteen years, where he was responsible for the licensing, inspection and supervision of financial institutions, insuring that all banks and financial institutions, either operating or incorporated in Bahrain, complied with promulgated laws and regulations. Before joining the CBB, he was Assistant Professor at Bahrain University. In addition, through his diversified experience, Dr. Ateeq served in senior posts with a number of reputable banks and firms. He holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy of Accounting from UK.
    Dr. Khalid is a Board Member at Al Khair Bank, Med Gulf Company, Med Gulf Takaful and Itqan Company.


    Mr. Mohamed Isa Al Mutaweh is the Chief Executive Officer and a member of the Board of Directors of Al Baraka Islamic Bank - Bahrain, Chairman of the Credit Committee and member of the Executive Committee. He has long experience in banking extending to more than 34 years during which he held leading positions in banks. He was General Manager and Board Member of Al Amin Bank, Bahrain, Chairman of the Credit Committee and member of the Executive Committee of Al Amin Bank. He also served as Executive Director of ABC Islamic Bank which is affiliated to Arab Banking Corporation. Prior to that he served in a senior position with National Bank of Bahrain in the Corporate Banking Division. Mr. Al Mutaweh is a member of the World Union of Arab Bankers and a member of the participation committee of the Awqaf properties investment fund of Islamic development bank, Jeddah and ex-member of the boards of directors of Bahrain association of banks and a member of Bahrain advisory council of the chartered institute of securities and investment (CISI), UK. Mr. Al Mutaweh has an MBA degree in Business administration from university of Hull, UK.

    Khalid Rashid Al Zayani

    Adnan Ahmed Yousif
    Deputy Chairman

    Abdul Latif Abdul Rahim Janahi
    Board Member

    Musa Abel Aziz Shihadeh
    Board Member

    Ashraf Ahmed Mustafa El-Ghamrawi
    Board Member

    Yousef Ali Fadel Ben Fadel
    Board Member

    Maqbool Habib Khalfan
    Board Member

    Abdulrahman Abdulla Mohamed
    Board Member

    Dr. Khalid Abdulla Ateeq
    Board Member

    Mohamed Isa AL Mutaweh
    Chief Executive Officer & Board Member

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