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As a leading bank in the area of Islamic banking, Al Baraka Islamic Bank is committed to providing innovative solutions for corporate clients to enable them successfully carry out their operations amidst intensified global economic challenges. With this in mind, Al Baraka Islamic Bank developed and implemented a host of modern Islamic banking instruments which provide to international companies the financial products and services they need to meet the requirements of the international business environment.
The services that Al Baraka Islamic Bank offers its corporate clients are divided into three categories, all of which fully comply with the principles of the Sharia. The key and many characteristics and features of these services are attracting increasing numbers of non-Muslim clients.
The three categories are as follows: International Asset Management, International Trade Finance Services and Corporate Banking Services. Through its international traders unit, Al Baraka Islamic Bank acts as a partner with global companies. The capabilities of this unit are supported and enhanced by a growing network of local providers of banking services to companies in the countries in which Al Baraka Islamic Bank operates.

Al Baraka Islamic Bank has considerable experience in the field of syndications and the arranging of big-ticket transactions required to finance the execution of mega infrastructure projects. The bank also has strong relationships and partnerships with a number of Islamic and conventional financial institutions that are designed to enable it provide value-added facilities to its customers operating in the mega projects sector that requires large amounts of capital.

Al Baraka Islamic Bank is a pioneer in designing Sharia-compliant banking transactions that make use of its dealings and ties with Islamic and conventional banks. Thanks to its strong commitment and involvement in the region as a whole, Al Baraka Islamic Bank has thorough expertise and knowledge of the unique culture and language of the markets in the region.

Thanks to the close cooperation with all the banks in the Middle East, together with its excellent relations with a number of international banks, Al Baraka Islamic Bank has strong capabilities to provide guidance and advisory services to its clients on the best options available under syndicated financing.

The thorough knowledge by Al Baraka Islamic Bank of the policies of other banks in the region makes it possible for the bank to deliver what is expected from it and develop a range of banking deals that it can sell successfully. 
Al Baraka Islamic Bank has strong expertise in the financing of special projects, and it constantly evaluates strategic opportunities for the benefit of the bank and its clients and partners. We can say that most of the business sectors in the region have benefited to some extent from the bank's capabilities in this regard. 

  Last Updated:05/06/2014
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