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The Investment and Structured Finance Department at Al Baraka Islamic Bank gained the confidence of clients all over the world as it became known for its successes in finding appropriate markets for investing clients' capitals and providing advisory solutions to investors wishing to operate within the bounds of the provisions of Islamic Sharia. The department is known for its excellent relations with big companies, financial institutions, governments and institutional investors in the GCC and other countries.

The Investment Division has the capability to provide a full range of investment banking and corporate banking products and services, including providing advisory services on corporate strategy and structuring, raising of equity and Islamic financial markets as well having a sophisticated risk management system. The Investment Division also invests part of the bank's own capital in real estate projects and other trading activities.

The Investment Division also has a primary responsibility for the development and implementation of the investment strategy with view to maximizing shareholders' value and retaining clients' confidence.

The Investment Division is run by a team of experts who operate within a strict risk management environment and follow best practices in the area of investment. The Division constantly seeks to achieve excellence through strict compliance to the principles of Islamic Sharia.
The investment products and services at Al Baraka Islamic Bank cover a number of sectors ranging from international portfolios to real estates in the UAE. In all cases, the division adheres to the key investment principles which include focusing on minimizing risks and maximizing returns to investors. All investment activities of the bank conform to the teachings and principles of the Sharia.
Investment decisions are based on two factors, namely:  preservation of capital and avoidance of high risks. The focus is always on the principles of transparency, whereby investors can see how their money is managed and make sure that the returns are commensurate with the risks involved. The skills and efforts of the bank make all this possible.

In response to increasing demand from customers for facilities and services that meet their investment needs and requirements, Al Baraka Islamic Bank provides a comprehensive range of high quality Sharia-compliant asset management services, including:

  • Islamic debt instruments. Such instruments are developed and structured to protect the assets and their cash returns.
  • Financial advisory services. These are Islamic advisory solutions that include the structuring of transactions and debts and other Islamic financial matters.
  • Special assignments for the implementation of projects. The bank provides expertise for the benefit of special committees and the study of investment projects.
  • Medium and large mergers and acquisitions activities.  Steps were taken to actively pursue this line independently or in cooperation with other regional institutions.
  • Private portfolio management, providing portfolio management services and assisting investors in the sale and management of high-return investment.

As with regard to structured finance, Al Baraka Islamic Bank, as a leading bank in the areas of Islamic banking and trade finance in the Kingdom of Bahrain, developed a range of innovative and highly flexible products and services to meet the requirements and needs of all customers, allowing them to derive maximum benefits from the features and strengths of Islamic banking.

The bank is well prepared to meet all the financing requirements of its customers including the issue of letters of credit and letters of guarantee and providing all the facilities for importing goods and materials whether for local consumption or re-export, as well as many other products and services that meet all the other trade finance needs. 

  Last Updated:05/06/2014
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