Car Finance

Car Finance

Our Auto Finance works based on a Murabaha contract, which is an Islamic type of financing assets with a predetermined profit and within a fixed term. Al Baraka buys the car you want, before selling it back to you at the buying price plus profit. bringing your dreams closer to reality.

  • Al Baraka offers an islamic complaint auto finance, which mean an agreed fixed price (principle + profit) for a specific period. This gives you peace of mind and security in our agreement.

    • Minimum Salary is BD400/-
    • Minimum Age is 21 Years & Maximum Age is 60 Years for Males & 55 Years for Females
    • Debt Service Ratio (DSR) is 50% for income below BD 3,000/- & 65% for income above BD3,000/-
    • Maximum Tenure is 7 Years
    • Maximum Financing Amount BD100,000/-
  • To apply for Auto Finance, you must be 21 years old or above. 


  • To apply for Auto Finance, you must be 21 years old or above and complete an application at an Al Baraka branch with these documents:

    • 2 valid IDs
    • Last pay slip/salary certificate
    • Bank statement for last 3 months/6 months if self-employed
    • Valid CR if self-employed

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