Our Story

Our Story

Al Baraka Islamic Bank began with a strong and simple vision - to bring equitable, fair, and rewarding banking to hardworking individuals, with the aim of creating a better future for our entire community.

Our connection to our culture and the trusting partnerships we build are based on shared values and goals. The way we choose to operate only works when everyone benefits, making you and your dreams our greatest pride and strength.

As one of the leading financial institutions in the Islamic banking sector, we offer a full range of products and services in accordance with the Shari’a. Whether you’re investing in a new opportunity, financing your future, or simply buying a cup of coffee, you always know that your resources have been entrusted to those that believe in equal reward and freedom.

  • As a leading financial institution, Al Baraka Islamic Bank has helped to build the infrastructure of the Islamic finance industry since our establishment in 1984. Our reputation for success has allowed us to promote the merits of Islamic finance with innovative and Shari’a-compliant products.

    Our knowledge of Islamic Fiqh, the breadth of our team’s experience, and the financial security of our parent company, Al Baraka Banking Group, has empowered us to achieve exceptional results on behalf of large financial institutions and high net worth clients alike.

    In 2010, we merged our branches in Pakistan with Emirates Global Islamic Bank Ltd., establishing Al Baraka Bank Pakistan Ltd. (ABPL). In 2016, we merged ABPL with Burj Bank Ltd., creating 74 new branches with more than 2,500 professionals in over 100 cities.

    As part of our strategy to enter key regional markets, Al Baraka acquired 60% of the shares of Itqan Capital, a joint stock company registered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in 2012.

    Now, we are focusing on consistent growth in business operations, with an emphasis on commissions and fee-based income. We’re expanding our investment portfolio, developing our infrastructure, and modernising our services to improve your customer experience.

  • Al Baraka Islamic Bank (AIB) is a retail Islamic bank, licensed by the Central Bank of Bahrain and registered with Bahrain’s Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Tourism, under Commercial Registration No. 14400. We have an authorised capital of 600 million USD, and an issued and paid-up capital of 122.5 million USD.

    AIB is a banking unit of Al Baraka Group (ABG), a joint stock company listed on the Bahrain stock exchange. Al Baraka Group B.S.C ("ABG" / the “Group”) is licensed as an Investment Business Firm – Category 1 (Islamic Principles) by the Central Bank of Bahrain. It is a leading international Islamic financial group providing financial services through its banking subsidiaries in 16 countries offering retail, corporate, treasury and investment banking services, strictly in accordance with the principles of Islamic Shari'a.

    The Group has a wide geographical presence with operations in Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrain, Sudan, Turkey, South Africa, Algeria, Pakistan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Morocco and Germany, in addition to two branches in Iraq and a representative office in Libya and provides its services in more than 600 branches. ABG’s network serves a population totaling around one billion customers.

    The authorized capital of ABG is US$ 2.5 billion.

  • Vision:

    To be a global leader in innovative participation finance, offering an agile ethical financial system built for the digital age.


    To  fulfill the financial needs of communities across the globe by conducting business through an ethical customer-centric approach tailored for the digital age, based on our core beliefs and aimed at sharing the mutual rewards with our partners in business success: our customers, our employees, our shareholders, and our communities at large.



    Our shared beliefs create strong bonds that form the basis of long-term relationships with customers and staff.


    We are fleet-footed to adapt to the Digital Age to meet the fast changing customer behavior and needs in a dynamic and challenging environment.


    We value and respect the communities we serve. Our doors are always open; our customers always experience a warm hearted, hospitable welcome and accommodating service.


    We recognize that an ‘INNOVATION FIRST’ culture is necessary to be able to serve our customers on a ‘here and now’ basis in a fast changing world.


    Our customers can experience peace of mind and rest assured that their financial interests are being managed by us to the highest ethical standards of participation finance.


    By banking with our banking subsidiaries, our customers make a positive contribution to a better society - their growth and ours will sustain the greater good of society. 


  • Al Baraka Islamic Bank in Bahrain is a banking institution licensed by the Central Bank of Bahrain as an Islamic retail bank, operating in accordance with the Islamic Shari'ah rules that prohibit dealing with “riba”, taking or giving or entering into any financial transactions that may lead to “riba”.

    Al Baraka Islamic Bank therefore believes that it is part of the society in which it lives, and that dealing with “riba” is an injustice to that society because it has an impact.

    This is where the idea of ​​Islamic banking, which depend on their activities to trade assets from actual goods and services away from traditional trading instruments, is based. The Islamic bank is either a salesman or a buyer, a partner, a speculator, a manufacturer or an agent, but it can never be an interest-rate lender or a borrower.

    At Al Baraka Islamic Bank we believe that we are traders, we buy and then sell at a profit; that is “Murabaha”, and sometimes we buy and then we rent; that is leasing, and sometimes we participate in establishing projects, we share the results of the project with our partner whether positive or negative.

    We have taken the development of our societies upon ourselves according to the principle of justice and responsibility, so we are "partners in achievement."

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Our Team

Our Team

We’re proud of our team, composed of highly skilled, experienced, and compassionate individuals, all working together for the good of our society.


Corporate governance is the system used to direct and manage the affairs of our bank to enhance prosperity in business and corporate accountability.
Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

Sustainability and Social Responsibility is an integral part of Al Baraka’s Vision and our business model.